Silicon Micro Rings for Hair Extensions

  • Aluminium Ring or Copper Ring
  • Outside diameter 4.0,5.0mm etc.
  • Good quality and good color

If micro ring with silicon ring in side,the silicon ring will protect the human hair better,so it is better choice if to use micro ring for hair extension.

Product: aluminium micro rings and copper rings

Size: outside diameter*inside diameter* length 4.0*2.5*4.0mm,4.5*2.5*3.0mm,5.0*2.8*3.2mm,etc

packing: 100pcs,500pcs,1000pcs per box.

Color: Black,Dark Brown,Brown,Light Brown,Blonde,etc.

If customized color please inquire now.Notice: To protect the environment,we no longer supply gold lid.