human hair factory

Many years ago, we were just a hawker who bought human hair and traveled all over China. Girls in many parts of China have good hair quality. Natural Raw braids are suitable for making high-end hair products, cuticle colored hair or more other pro-bonded human hair products. Natural braids can be dyed in beautiful colors.

Now good quality hair material mainly be made pro-bonded hair extensions,such as U-tip, V-tip,I-tip hair extension and tape hair extensions.

china raw hair

Now there are fewer and fewer good quality hair in China. Many times, our factory imports Myanmar human hair as raw material. Only general quality can be made. If customers have high requirements and want to use high-quality braided hair, the price of human hair products will be very high. But as a company with technology, we have the ability to do a higher standard of human hair products.


We buy human hair and make products more suitable for European and American markets or African markets. Including hair curtain, hair bulk, hair pro-bonded extensions and, of course, human hair wigs cover.