Why here many colors for hair extensions?

As a hair extensions manufacture, For human hair market, especially if you are in the European and American markets, customers have very high color requirements. The hair extension products have a lot of colors, including light, dark, and neutral colors.

Why customers always like our quality?

Some customers place orders For us, the color requirements are very strict. For example, some customers want bright colors, and some customers want classic colors. Because we have a good dyeing process, many customers when they get our products,all of them satisfied with quality.a  we are hair extensions manufacturer with good dyeing process in China.

Our dyeing technology

As a human hair  factory, mature dyeing technology is the core for human hair extension. Good dyeing technology, human hair are not easy to fade, will protect the quality of hair to the greatest extent, and it is important to keep hair healthy after dyeing.

human hair color

Our technology can better protect the health of human hair, the hair must be tangle free and have better gloss. If you have high requirements for hair quality, please try to give the order to our company.

boqohair extensions

We can better control the temperature and technical standards required by dyeing and use better dyeing materials, for good quality hair color you need good quality hair material,especially need original raw hair braids.

hair color chart

How to order hair color chart?

Welcome to customize the color of hair color chart from us. You can make monochrome, piano color or popular ombre color.

color chart

If customer’s requirements are very strict, we recommend that you provide hair extension color chart, so that we can ensure that the color is more closer to the model color. Especially for some colors that are not commonly used, color samples are necessary!This color chart mainly for pro-bonded human hair salon and boutique.

tape color chart

Sometimes maybe you need different hair color chart for your shop or boutqure.We will produce for you as your requirement.We are a hair extensions manufacture mainly produce high quality human hair.Color charts have general, better quality,and best quality with remy human hair,different style with rings and tapes,etc.This remy hair color chart for tape hair extensions match!