What hair extension accessories do you need ?

Generally speaking, if you are a human hair factory, you need to produce raw materials and accessories, such as hair treatment products, color removers, combing tools, and bonding tools. If you are a salon, you need to use hair extension accessories such as remove pliers,keratin glue,tape glue and connectors for hair extensions.

What hair accessories are you looking for?

As a factory with 20 years of experience in hair extensions, we have superior supply channels for a variety of hair extension accessories, and some products, we are very advantageous, and supply some relatively large European and American companies, such as hair-micro rings link system, we have the most complete products, We directly import hair extension keratin glue pelletes from Italy, and we supply many human hair factories in China.

What hair extension tools is most important?

The quality of some hair accessories affects the quality of the extensions, so the quality of the accessories must be good, such as double-sided tape and hair extension glue keratin. If these quality are not good, the connected hair will fall out quickly, even if the hair material is good, it will quickly be repaired. Customer complaints. If the clip is not good of clip ins hair extension, you can make up for customer complaints.

Here you can buy good qulaity hair accessories

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