Italian Keratin Glue Straight Strips

How To Italian Keratin Glue Bonding

Italian Keratin Glue strip is a good and easy way to produce hair extension with machine,or in hair extension Salon,This Keratin Glue Straight Strips,you can directly cut it to bond hair extensions.

About This Keratin Glue

  • Keratin Glue Straight Strips for hair extension
  • Directly from Italy
  • One of the biggest suppliers in China
  • Offer competitive price
  • It holds for more three months
  • It has a blue color in natural light

This Keratin is original keratin glue,it would help your products much better quality.We are the biggest one of suppliers that in human hair field in China,we supply the keratin glue to many other factories in China,and we can offer very competitive prices!You can use this keratin glue to make I-tip hair, U-tip hair,V-tip hair extensions.

Product: Itlay glue keratin Strips

Style: Strips 30cm, 20cm,etc.

Color: Transparent,black,brown,dark brown!

If customized color please inquire now.

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