Italian keratin glue Pelletes

1.Which is the best glue for bonding hair?

Now there are many different keratin glues in the market.Made in Swiss, Chinese, Korean, Italian etc, because many customers have different requirements, and there are different quality hair extensions, ordinary quality will not choose Italian glue, because Italian glue is good, the price is also quite expensive.

2.How to use Italian keratin bonding

It is necessary to melt Italian glue used a hot pot, and then you can make bonding hair extensions, or you can melt it with an ultrasonic iron machine for hair extension.

3.How to test if it is Italian keratin Glue?

There are many fake Italian glues on the market now, how to know, maybe you know that Italian glue is blue under UV light, but this cannot be said to be Italian glue, because Swiss glue can also be like this. The best way is to test the length time of bonding, Italian glue is stronger, and the transparent color is not easy to change color under high temperature.

4.Choose the best quality for your hair

If you need a good quality glue for your hair extensions,must tell us about this when you order hair extensions.Why bonding good quality hair products choose Italian glue , because Italian glue ketatin is more oil-resistant, antioxidant, not afraid of washing, and its adhesion is longer and stronger than Swiss glue keratin.If you are a hair manufacture you will know about Italian and Swiss Keratin which they are different.

  • Original Italian Keratin Glue pellete for hair extension
  • Directly from Italy
  • One of the biggest suppliers in China
  • Offer competitive price
  • It holds for more three months
  • It has a blue color in natural light

Product: Itlay glue keratin grains

packing: 1kg, 500grams,100grams

Color: Transparent,black,brown,dark brown!

If customized color please inquire now.

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