What Keratin Glue Strip for?

Italian keratin glue strips for bond fusion hair extensions,it is the best keratin glue for pro-bonded,it is directly from Italy,orginal quality,it is for flat hair extension machine.

This machine need use 30cm or 20cm long keratin glue to bond fusion hair extension,this kind of machine increases bond hair efficiency,bonded hair to flat tip hair extensions.

We are one of the biggest suppliers and users in China.We directly emport the keratin glue products from Italy,it’s very good quality for fusion bond hair extensions,also We can offer Italy keratin glue grains,Italy keratin glue tapes,and rolls.If you want to know more about our Italian keratin glue please contact us.

Why Itlian keratin glue is the best for pro-bonded fusion hair extension?

Because this keratin glue resists oil and oxidation, it can be used for more than 6 months to keep hair free!

This strips we can offer 20cm and 30cm length,or any other lengths are available!

We have many customers who from hair factory in China,and many other from trading compay to order our Italian keratin glue strips for fusion hair extensions.Our keratin glue products are mainly sold to the Eastern European and US and Russian markets!

It is a new method of bonding hair extension, it would be more common because it saves our time and labor costs, factory and botique and some hair extension salon is very like this strips,because sometimes they can cut it to 0.5mm directly to pro-bonded hair extenson for customers.

Now we can offer four colors:

Transparent,black,brown and dark brown.

If you want to make your won color we receive cusomized if your order more 50kg.

bonding hair extension machine

bonding fusion hair extension machine