What quality keratin glue do you like?Italian Glue Keratin okay?

This is Italy glue keratin straight strips,Usualy used Russian hair extensions.some hair salon like softer keratin glue, and some like harder ones, but there is one important point, that is, it must be sticky and firm, without losing hair! So for this, Italian glue strips is the best for hair extension.

Customize the length you want!

This kind of italy glue keratin straight strips are used in a hair extension machine. If your products use Italian glue, we can provide glue sticks of various lengths.If you want order,we can offer 30cm,20cm length,etc.Please tell us about length when you order.

Italy Keratin Strips Product Description:

  • Keratin Glue Straight Strips for bonding hair extension
  • Directly from Italy
  • One of the biggest suppliers in China
  • Offer competitive price
  • It holds for more three months
  • It has a blue color in natural light for transparent

Product: Itlay glue keratin strips

packing: 100grams,50grams

Color: Transparent,black,brown,dark brown!

If customized color please inquire now.

connector iron
connector iron
Ultrasonic Connector Iron for Italian Keratin Glue
bonded hair extension
bonded hair extension