Invisible Tape in Hair Extensions

Invisible Hair Tape ins made with a new technology,by hand made, it looks like real hair grown from skin,the natural hair growth form skin root,like real a completely invisible system.
We select good quality human hair tied this products, in general with remy or Row Human hair made it.This invisible tapes in hair extensions realistic and provide a natural,

this product must be popular in the world of hair extension market.
They are made of a thin 4 cm or 5cm double tape glue base that attach to your skin or a section
of natural hair, close to the scalp. They are highly recommended for individuals with thin hair.
ingeral 1piece is 2.5g,100g have 40pcs at least,you can select the density of the hair ends,double darw or more good quality like more 80% density.Our invisible hair tape ins made by hand,it is very good quality.


● 40 grams per pack | 20 pieces

● 40pcs in a packing,100grams in it

● Reusable for 3 applications with proper care

● 100% Double drawn, premium Remy human hair

● You can select our Classic Double Tapes

● You can select colors, all color is available.

    bonded hair extension
    bonded hair extension
    connector iron
    connector iron