1.After I washed the Sunfa hair,It’s not be straight.

Sometimes, there are many problems with hair extension products. For example, after you wash it once, the hair extension is no longer straight, it becomes curved.

It was straight before washing, after washing tangling and it will look like the picture below after washing.

This makes many customers very angry, thinking that they have bought fake hair extension or fiber hair.

In fact,it not like this,the hair still is real human hair,but not Shunfa hair.

Many human hair factory in China not produce shunfa hair,because the material of shunfa hair is very high price now,if you don’t tell hair factory to order good quality human hair products,maybe the hair that you order is general hair qulaity,like this picture.

human hair weft
Before Washing
not remy hair,not shunfa hair,tangled hair
After Washing

2.If not Remy hair,how to care?

In China hair factory,we call Remy hair is Shunfa hair,it is the best qulaity human hair.But if not remy hair,how to care human hair products,because it easy to be curly and not stright if it is general human hair.

Our experience is that there are some ways to care.

Don’t use shampoo when washing first, or use less, but at one point, use enough conditioner to protect the hair.

After using the conditioner, stay for at least 5 minutes. After washing, wait until the hair is completely dry. You can apply some hair conditioner oil, and then straighten it with a iron.

Remember not to straighten your hair often at high temperatures.

3.If the hair is remy hair, can it tangle easily?

If your order is remy human hair, it is’t tangling easily.If it is the best hair material, it will generally not be knotted, it will be very soft, feeling good, and the hair will be healthy and smoothly, and it will not be too thin and easy to break.

If there are knots and tangling in a Remy hair, this is a quality problem, or it is not all made of the best Remy hair material.

Therefore, we suggest that if your market is based on Shunfa hair extensions, you must maintain Shunfa’s price in terms of prices, so that the factory can maintain sufficient profits and make good products.

shunfa hair
Remy Hair Extensions