Extension Ultrasonic Connector JR999

Why select ultrasonic connector bonding hair extensions?

Hair extension ultrasonic connector device is a new connection method. Compared with the old hair extension machine iron, ultrasonic connector is very advantageous. It melts the glue instantly, and the machine itself does not heat up, so there is no need to worry about hurting the customer’s skin. No longer use heat insulation gaskets! It is a necessary hair extension tool for high-end hair extension salon!

About Ultrasonic connector Iron JR999

This style is Ultrasonic Connector/Iron JR 999,Very firm and heavy than plastic machine,Melt glue effect it good,can melt any kinds of glue.including Italy keratin glue,1-3 second melt glue time every operation,Italian glue keratin is recommended for the machine.

This is a newly upgraded hair extension machine iron with a better appearance, higher power, and easier and faster hair extension. save time.

Product Description:

  • New Ultrasonic Connector machine
  • Ultrasonic heating
  • professional hair extension iron
  • Bonded I-tip hair extension

Product: Ultrasonic Connectory/Iron

Plug Type: Euro, US, UK, AU

Tip Style: I-tip hair extension

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connector iron
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